Transforming cell therapy, one cell at a time

Challenges of traditional treatments

An allogeneic stem cell transplant has been the best hope for many patients fighting serious illnesses, such as blood cancers, since the procedure was first performed more than 50 years ago.

Our investigational cell therapies are designed to replace a patient's cancerous blood and immune system with a healthy one, with the goal of improving survival rates and quality of life for survivors.

Key complication of traditional treatments

Graft-versus-host disease (GvHD)

While an allogeneic stem cell transplant can have life-saving benefits for some patients, for others the transplant itself can prove fatal or lead to serious and long-lasting side effects, such as GvHD.

  • GvHD is often a chronic, unpredictable condition that can strike at any time, upending the lives of patients long after they've received a traditional transplant
  • For many patients, chronic GvHD remains a painful reminder of the cancer they defeated and prevents them from living the healthy life they had before their diagnosis

Source: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Graft-Versus-Host Disease. Published August 2021. FS32.

At Orca Bio, we don't accept these limitations, and we believe patients shouldn't have to either

Our approach

Building a designer immune system

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Through cell selection, we develop high-precision cell therapies that can build a new, healthy blood and immune system for patients. This may significantly improve their chance of relapse-free survival while potentially lowering the risk of developing GvHD compared with traditional allogeneic transplant.

Our technology

Our investigational high-precision cell therapies use a proprietary mix of natural immune cells and stem cells to create a designer immune system. The system is built to potentially cure without the compromise of deadly toxicity. Our products are made to seamlessly integrate within current transplant treatment settings and add no additional complexity to the process.

We have built our own manufacturing facilities and technologies with the goal of delivering our purified, high-precision investigational cell therapies reliably, at scale, every single time for every single patient.

Our team handles this precious material with the utmost care because we know every cell therapy delivered could save a patient's life.