Our Technology

A revolutionary platform

for cell therapy manufacturing

Manufacturing a Cell Therapy

Cell therapies are an emerging class of medicine with the promise to bring long-term, curative outcomes to patients; however, manufacturing cell therapies at-scale is an industry-wide obstacle. For cell therapies, each patient requires their own production batch sourced from either their own cells or from the cells of a uniquely suited donor.

This fundamental constraint in workflow creates practical challenges — specifically, how do we deliver the promise of cell therapies to the millions of patients who could benefit from them?

Our Manufacturing Platform

To address these challenges, Orca Bio developed a manufacturing platform for high-precision cell therapies. The Orca Bio manufacturing platform has proven robust and scalable, successfully delivering high-precision cellular products across the continental USA with an unprecedented turn-around-time. As the demand for cellular products continues to grow, Orca Bio is in prime position to meet that demand.

Single-cell Precision

OrcaSort™ Technology: Unprecedented high speed and high purity cell sorting for manufacturing high precision cellular products

OrcaSort™ technology is an enabling feature for the scalability and high-precision of our manufacturing platform. Conventional high-precision cell sorting technologies are effective as lab research instruments, but are poorly suited for industrial cell therapy manufacturing. The slow processing speed limits their application in the manufacture of widely-distributed cell therapies.

OrcaSort™ overcomes these limitations using a novel architecture based on densely packed arrays of cells and nanosecond laser pulses. This Optical Retrieval from Cell Arrays utilizes fluorescently labelled monoclonal antibodies for target cell identification, making OrcaSort™ a highly versatile instrument for scaling cell therapies from the bench to the bedside to the marketplace.

Unprecedented Throughput

The OrcaSort™ technology can be put to broad use and has been extensively tested for its isolation and purification of stem cells and immune cells used in hematopoietic cell grafts. The components of the technology are optimized for performance and designed to fit seamlessly into the clinical processing of current apheresis products.

Orca Bio’s first applications of OrcaSort™ are the 2 cellular products that are under clinical investigation for use as a replacement of an allogeneic bone marrow transplant.

High Throughput
High Purity
Closed System

Easy to Operate
GMP Ready
Robust (no clogging)