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High-Precision Cell Therapies

to replace alloBMT

alloBMT Dilemma

Conventional alloBMT is the best hope for many blood cancer patients, but there are still significant risks.

A conventional allogeneic bone marrow transplant procedure (alloBMT) is often used to treat high-risk blood cancer patients, but use of a conventional stem cell source can result in severe and sometimes fatal complications like graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), infection, and relapse. These devastating outcomes are hypothesized to originate from an immune reaction from some of the incoming donor cells against the patient’s normal, healthy cells.

High-Precision Cell Therapies

Our pipeline of high precision cellular products aims to reduce the incidence and severity of alloBMT complications by matching a specific composition of stem and immune cells to the immunological needs of a patient.

In our TRGFT-201 study (Investigational Product Orca-T), an extremely pure dose of regulatory T cells aims to temper the immune reaction. This balanced composition is hypothesized to reduce the fatal complications normally seen with alloBMT. In the OGFT-001 study (Investigational Product Orca-Q), each specific subtype of T cells is highly controlled and formulated in a mixture to provide maximum control of the development of the patient’s new immune system.

Reprogram the Blood and Immune System

Orca Bio’s high-precision cellular products effectively reprogram a patient’s diseased blood system with a healthy one

For both cellular products, the precise control over the composition of the donor cells aims to control the development of the patient’s new blood and immune system.

In short, the Orca Bio cellular products effectively reprogram a patient’s diseased blood system with a healthy one. We expect a wide range of diseases beyond blood cancers may benefit, and are exploring the use of our products in the treatment of other cancers, genetic disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

High Precision

High precision allogeneic cellular products by building each dose cell-by-cell from another person’s blood

Optimal Mixture

Each cellular product consists of an optimal therapeutic mixture of stem and immune cells. .

High Impact

By precisely selecting the cells, we aim to cure the patient’s disease and eliminate dangerous side effects