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A New Class of Cell Therapies

Established in 2016, Orca Bio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of high-precision allogeneic cell therapy products. Our products are designed to safely and effectively replace a patient’s diseased blood and immune system with a healthy one. The company’s proprietary therapeutic and manufacturing platforms are exclusively licensed from Stanford University.

“Replacing bone marrow transplants is a logical first step in next-generation allogeneic cell therapy” (Ivan Dimov, PhD)

Therapeutic & Manufacturing Platform

Our therapeutic platform delivers high-precision allogeneic cell therapies by building each dose cell-by-cell from another person’s blood. Each therapy is constructed by formulating a proprietary mixture of cells uniquely suited for the patient. Our two novel cellular product candidates are now being tested in large multi-center studies, in patients with blood cancers. The products are to be used instead of a conventional bone marrow transplant.

Our therapies are enabled by our proprietary manufacturing platform, which allows us to sort donor blood with single-cell precision at a high throughput. Our manufacturing platform has already successfully delivered high-precision cellular products across the continental USA with an unprecedented turn-around-time. As the demand for highly controlled and precisely defined cellular products continues to grow, Orca Bio is in prime position to meet that demand.

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